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Marathon Running & Living a Passionate Life

I love marathons. I love marathoners. I love everything about it. I love how it’s hard. I love how it hurts but brings me the greatest joy. I love the every single day of working hard and pouring my heart and soul into running and working out. It is amazing and one of those awesome things in life that you just cannot explain to people who just don’t “get it”. There is nothing better than being free, hitting the open road and putting on some great music to listen to and let your legs take you wherever you want to go. It's just your body, your mind and your soul propelling you. There are days that it feels effortless and days that it feels tiresome, but no matter what, you always feel good after running. The "runner's high" is real and you can't help but feel like time on the open road was time well spent. Time that was spent investing in yourself, in your mind, your body and your soul. Running is so pure, so primitive. I love all kinds of sports, but I especially love running especially because no one is helping you "win". It's all about what is in your mind and your body. Are you strong enough mentally to overcome the pain and fatigue? Did you do the training day in and day out? You really find out what you are all about during training and during the race itself. It is such a battle but it's an incredible war within yourself to conquer it. The marathon itself is simply magical. When I line up for a marathon I feel like I am a horse in the Kentucky Derby, just waiting to bust through the open gate and sprint at my top speed. It is an incredibly powerful feeling. Mentally knowing and physically preparing so long and hard for marathon day. The magic is really in the taper and allowing the body to rest so that on race day, you can fly. Everyone "flies" at different speeds but when it is you, it is amazing because YOU are in control, YOU dictate how fast or slow you run and YOU do it. No one else, just YOU. I love that. It is amazing to feel really feel physical and mental strength during a marathon. It all comes down to training. You push yourself so hard to points you didn't even think you were capable of and you push through it all and amaze yourself with the possibilities. You can’t fake the physical effort you have to give, but when things go wrong, that’s when you have to dig deep and overcome obstacles or adverse conditions during the race. I love the joy I feel from running my best and I embrace any pain I might feel and I cherish each step because I know how hard it is to be able to run 26.2 miles without stopping. It is such a rewarding thing to do. I don’t run marathons for the accomplishment of each individual one (although I still want that of course). I run marathons because I love putting all of myself into a race and finishing each one stronger and more in control than the last one.

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