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Summer Camps:  Ages 10-15*




Camp is open for kids ages 10 and up. Camp includes a t-shirt, fun prizes and analytics of your child's running performance. A running gift box filled with great surprises will be given out on the last day of the week as a random drawing. This year we are offering a 4 day camp (Monday through Thursday) with longer days and we will enjoy a pizza party for lunch on the last day of camp. View our agenda below and select the location, week and session that works for you! We promise this camp will be fun, informative and kids will love it!  *If your child is outside of this age range and wants to participate, please contact us.  We offer individual coaching as well.

Our 2024 LOCATIONS will be:

CAMP #1, 2:  at Merrimack High School Track at 38 McElwain Street in Merrimack, NH  



Countdown to camp:

If you refer a friend & they book this summer 2024, you will receive a $50 voucher for future use!  Email us your friend's name!

We will hold a fun, team competition and track meet the last 2 days of camp!  Don't miss it!







We require campers to be signed in and out of our camps each day by a parent or legal guardian.  Any other drop-offs, walking or biking to camp require an email to us prior to that day's session.  Please have your child apply sunscreen before camp and bring a water bottle labeled with their name.  Feel free to pack snacks for them if needed.

Customers are responsible for reviewing and accepting our refund policy.  Customers can also review our background check policy.

Running Gear


We will start with a quarter mile jog and light stretching.  Kids will learn how to warm up properly and prepare their muscles for activity.  We will understand each kid's goals for the camp and kickoff with some fun drills and activities.  We will discuss key running fundamentals such as running form, gait, efficiencies and proper gear.  Each kid will pick a race they want to learn about and run and we will time them each day and produce analytics at the end of the week.  We will also introduce the use of starting blocks and have them available for practice throughout the week.



Today we will focus on bringing together the physical and mental aspects of running and how the body and mind are interconnected.  We will practice visualization of race outcomes and continue with running activities such as "predict the pace" and 4x100m relays while still focusing on individual goals.  We will run reverse ladders as well so the kids can build endurance by running longer distances when fatigued.  We will emphasize pacing again and how to apply that to your race strategies.  We will introduce plyometric drills that will increase speed and explosiveness when running that can be applied to any sport!  



Today we will work in different types and speeds of running and we will hold activities where we test out the various speeds to find out what the kids like and are comfortable running. We will talk about dynamic and static stretching and practice relays and introduce our beloved "Race the Coach" activity.  We will discuss pacing and how to give a consistent even effort when running.  We will also discuss how to build endurance so you can more easily run your designated races.  We will also hold a fun scavenger hunts throughout the week!

Crossing the Finish Line


We will continue with our timed events and also our fun and creative 4x100m relays that include various activities such as push-ups, planks and jumping jacks!  We will discuss environmental factors and how that impacts running performance (weather, humidity, hills, rocky terrain).  We will also discuss running safety and continue with building on our running knowledge and activities.  We will wrap up the week of camp with some fun games and hand out random prizes and swag bags and have a pizza party for lunch on the last day of camp. We will work hard to ensure your kids have a fun and great week of camp and learn a lot in the process!

S at NJ race.png


We will discuss and work on various core and strength training exercises using own body weight and the importance of these exercises for injury prevention.  We will hold a variety of running activities and games including our "cone tipping shuttle relay", chain run and catch your partner.  We will discuss what you have to do to train your body to get faster and focus on interval training.  We will run ladders (400m, 300m, 200m, 100m) and talk about the importance of recovery, sleep, nutrition and cross-training as keys to a great running performance.

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