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Our Company & Coaching Philosophy

REACH YOUR PEAK RUNNING offers a diversified range of services from camps, personal coaching & training plans, running analytics to the fulfillment of runner's kits.  We started this business to combine our passion and knowledge of running and give runners exactly what they are looking for in terms of personalized service and support.

Our unique blend of customized coaching, structured training plans and data analytics services will help YOU become a better runner and achieve YOUR goals.  Our ability to offer programmed analytics of your running data also allows us to make better data-driven decisions for your training.  Our company is geared to helping runners of all abilities and we will be your personal support system throughout this process.  This kind of customer service and informative running analytic data doesn’t exist anywhere else.  Anyone can download a generic training plan off the internet and use it, but that is not tailored to meet your specific needs and current capabilities.  It is our job to listen and help you get to where you want to be as a runner, whether that is running your first mile, 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon.  You tell us what you are looking for and we will help you achieve it.  If you are interested in our camps, coaching or analytics services (or both), please fill out the contact form or book an appointment to discuss how we can help you reach your peak of running success!  While doing this, you can enjoy our personalized REACH YOUR PEAK BOXES as well!

Our ultimate goal is to train and support runners and celebrate their accomplishments.  We know first-hand how rewarding it is to achieve quantifiable running improvements and commemorate the running journey.  We promise to deliver exceptional customer service and we will be THE company that "runs the extra mile" for you! 





Meet our dog Summit!  Note he is decked out in style!  Run Boston!
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