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Announcing our
coming to you this summer 2024!

Want to know how fast you can run 1 mile?  Challenge yourself and/or compete against others and see how quickly you can complete 4 laps around the track. We will offer these professionally timed runs on select evenings this summer.  You can sign up for 1 or as many as you want, but you need to sign up for each race separately.  We will collect your data and you will earn points and prizes for the more races you run!  WE MAKE RUNNING FUN!  Join us today for an epic REACH YOUR PEAK SERIES!  See below for dates, times and locations.  Contact us with any questions!

MILE - Day 1

MILE - Day 2

MILE - Day 3

MILE - Day 4

MILE - Day 5

MILE - Day 6

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